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Norwegian Forest Cats
We repeated this combination one more time, because the first kittens were absolute fabulous with high standard quality.
This time Glitnir`s Just Ashly not only gave birth to  female kittens, but a male too.
We were not planning to keep another kitten out of this combination because we kept Glitnir`s Ruby Tuesday from the first litter.
We searched for the right home for breeding and show, but maybe it had to be, we fell in love with this beautiful girl and
we descided to keep her
Glitnir`s Stacey Sue is a very beautiful girl with nice boning, long body, beautiful headshape,a super straight profile with big ears ,a superb fur quality and a long bushy tail, and a very beautiful temper.
Glitnir`s Stacey Sue adds high quality what fits perfectly into our future breeding plans !
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